Teen Writing Prompt 51

Mermen. Russian lubok.

Mermen. Russian lubok. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He was tall maybe six foot seven and he was swimming towards me. The first thing I noticed was that he was really gorgeous; I mean off the charts, crazy good-looking too hot to talk to or even think he’d talk to you kind of gorgeous, like the kind of guy you only see in magazines and believe that he’s been photoshopped to perfection but no guy could look that good kind of gorgeous.
He had long dark hair that hung around his shoulder and the biggest blue eyes you’d ever seen.  They were bluer than blue if that’s possible.  They were deeper than sky blue, or turquoise blue; they were of a Caribbean Sea kind of blue.  Okay, so like I said he was swimming towards me.  That’s when I took another look and noticed that he had a tail; yeah you hear me right –a tail and that wasn’t the only thing I noticed.
Help me continue this story.

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