Pulling Readers into Your Story

Cover of "The Story"

Cover of The Story

What does it take to get readers become compelled to read your storyand stick with it?  I think when we read a story we are hoping to read something new and interesting;  we want to take a long journey with a character we either like or are intrigued by.  I don’t think you actually have to like the protagonist but it’s important to care about someone in the book.Stephen King often sets his characters is a crazy, violent world.  We find ourselves rooting for them as they try to survive all the horrible obstacles they encounter on their journey.  If you’re writing a story and your character is very unlikable; I think it’s important that we care about someone in their world or at least become so intrigued by them that we are compelled to stick with the story in order to see if they will attain the goal they are trying to achieve.

Think about what it is that makes you love the stories you read and use it as a guide to write your own work.


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