Creating Great Teen Characters

Adolescence movie

Adolescence movie (Photo credit: brainpop_uk)

As I said earlier in my earlier articles.  Teen characters always want something and the goal of your novel is to take them through the journey as they grow and become stronger people.  This is usually because getting want you want always seems next to impossible and in novels they always are.  The character arc is what makes characters interesting.  You take a shy girl and turn her into a fearless warrior.  People change all the time and in your novel that’s the whole point.  You throw a few obstacles in their way and then see how they react.

In teen novels the protagonist or main characters always have a best friend and the best friend is usually pretty different from your main character.  Creating a good best friends are great because they can help your characters reach their goals.  And since we’ll all girls here there is one more thing that is important and that’s romance.  As a teen I know I always had a crush on someone.  Having crushes is fun and romance in teen novels adds to making the novels more interesting.  Complicate things and have fun.

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  1. Reblogged this on Thea Atkinson and commented:
    I didn’t have a scheduled post for Writer Wednesday, but I did find this nice little post about characterization and teens. So: well, the obvious must occur. It’s a post about building great teen characters. You all know how I like characterization.

    Plus, I’m working on a YA paranormal series starting with Water Witch, so it came at a good time for me as a validation and as encouragement. Keep your eye out for it, it’s coming very soon. A couple more weeks, then off to the beta readers in the hopes that by the end of April, it’ll be available.

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