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Okay, you have a great teen character who has lots of problems what comes next? Most of the time I don’t need to write a character history but I think it’s a good idea for new writers to try writing one, because once you know all the ins and outs of your character’s world you know how your characters will react in certain situations.

Some of the things you can include in the character history is: what is your teen character relationship with his or her parents?  What is your character’s best friend like? Does your character have any weird habits that makes them stand out?  Think about Bella from Twilight, she was a total klutz.  That played out well because when she was in accidents a lot of the time she would end up bleeding.  That’s not really good flaw to have if your best friends are  vampires. That flaw was part of a major story line when Edward decided to leave Forks and Bella behind in order to protect her.  That flaw almost got her killed too.  So what are your character’s flaws? Does your teen characters react to things differently from others?

Once you have all that figured out ask yourself if your character has a crush on anyone.  Romance is another great plot line to add to your story.  Even the Harry Potter series had romance hanging in the air and if your readers are a bunch of teenaged girls; it’s a must!


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