WriteGirl LA

Los Angeles skyline and San Gabriel mountains....

Los Angeles skyline and San Gabriel mountains. Français : Le centre ville de Los Angeles et les Monts San Gabriel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My interest in working with teenagers started when I was a mentor with WriteGirl in LA.  WriteGirl is a fantastic mentorship organization the offers teen girls one to one mentors plus monthly writing workshops on fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and other writing genres.

One of the workshops even included a songwriting workshop and Melissa Manchester along with various songwriters who put music to the lyrics they wrote in the workshop. It was amazing to hear the girls lyrics transformed into actual songs!  During the acting workshops Sarah Rue and other well-known celebs turned up and took place and performed some of the girls scripts.

I have to say after leaving LA, WriteGirl is one of the things I miss the most.  If anyone reading this lives in the LA area get involved; whether you’re a teen girl or an adult.  Giving back feels great and sometimes you get more than you bargained for.  During a the fiction writing workshop I got the idea for my first novel, Bait and prior to participating in the workshop I only wrote screenplays.

100% of the mentees have gone on to college; not bad huh? Did I menton that WriteGirl also publishes an anthology each year that contains the writing or the mentees and mentors? And at the end of the year in June; WriteGirl holds a book reading event at the Writer’s Guild where all of the girls have the opportunity to read their writing. I can go on and on how much I love WriteGirl.

Check out the site and the gear.  It changed my life, maybe it can change yours too.



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