Location, Location, Location

The Pacific Northwest Trail

The Pacific Northwest Trail (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One thing that really is cool about the United States is that the climate and terrain of each state is very different.  The Southwest has dry hot deserts, while Florida has a tropical climate.  The Midwest has very cold winters with lots of snow, and The Pacific Northwest has a rainy climate.  Vermont and New England has snowy winters and hot humid summers. And of course we can’t forget Tornado Alley located the areas of Texas in the north, Kansas and Oklahoma along with Nebraska and North Dakota.

Depending on what your story is about, your story could take place anywhere.  Stephanie Meyers novel Twilight was about vampires so the Pacific Northwest was the perfect place for her story to take place.  Writing a novel about surfers?  What not try California or Hawaii?

Check out our wonderful 50 states and find a new location for your next story.


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