Teen Writing Prompt 208

135/ 365: Free Verse Friday

135/ 365: Free Verse Friday (Photo credit: tamra hays)

Write a free verse poem about how you feel today.

Can’t breathe.

Chest tight.

My thoughts drift but yet I still hold on to my dreams.

As I do the stress in my body evaporates.

Even the hum of the room soothes my anxious soul.

I don’t know why.

Days like this are never easy.

Screaming kids, using curses, instead of words.

Crazy days, crazy kids, but yet I still go on.


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  1. I am not a teen anymore, but I feel compelled every time I see your prompts. You should think of doing something for other bloggers too…

      • Well, I really can’t call my self a writer. I love to, but I’m lazy 😦 I do however make my students write (i’m a counselor), poems mostly, or at least that’s what I call them 🙂

      • If you write then you are a writer. I am working on a book. Fifth draft over five years. Just keep writing and one day you’ll have enough poems for a book. I have been writing my book off and on over five years. I went to a book talk of one writer who took ten years and her book was awesome!

      • Oh wow, amazing. Very good to know this. you are right. I find that (esp. since my blog) I can put out ideas, and keep editing and improving until its a good piece. I’ll definitely keep it in mind, I’d love to publish a compilation one day 🙂

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