Summer Projects

Collateral (film)

Collateral (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was thinking about what I wanted to write about this summer.  I decided to finish my novel, Bait and work on a new screenplay.  the screenplay is a thriller, sort of like Collateral.  It’s a story about a regular guy who gets caught up in a plot to kill an important person.  Right now I’m not sure about what else will happen.  Two projects are enough for this summer but then again I have already been coming up with ideas for the sequel to Bait.

What do you plan on working on this summer now that you have all this free time?


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  1. I was hoping to film my feature length movie, but school’s been keeping me straight. But, I hope to start filming whenever the time comes. I’ve been slowly writing a horror/supernatural thriller as well as my own fiction novel. Not sure what think of what’s going on at the moment but everything’s going well, teach! I hope my summer will be filled with inspiration-filled days of writing.

  2. This blog looks like a great idea. I hope you get lots of comments and posts. Are you using it to interact with your classes? (I’m a teacher-writer too.)

    • Thanks. I do teach a creative writing class. I also started a workshop series that I held in an independent bookstore and local libraries. I am hoping to continue and have a series this summer if all works out. Thanks for the compliment. I do tell my students about the blog. I am subbing right now and looking for a permanent teaching situation. March was scholarship month so I invited students to check out the blog and apply for scholarships.

  3. We should keep in touch. You seem like a real go-getter! I want to hear more about your adventures writing with girls. The oldest students I work with are in grade 8 so I’m coming from a very different place.

    • I end up with girls of all ages. I have a 9 year old and a 16 year old in my writing class. Thanks for saying that. I am trying real hard to be more of a go-getter! 🙂 Yes we should keep in touch!

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