How to get Ideas

English: Street photography - photograph of a ...

English: Street photography – photograph of a child watching children play on the grounds of Arts College at Osmania University, Hyderabad, AP – India. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go and when I forget it I end up writing ideas on scraps of paper.  Ideas just come to me I guess because I read a lot.  I like people watching and sometimes my ideas come from watching people.  I see all kinds of people.  People with shaved heads, Mohawks, bald heads, and long hair.

I think about all kinds of people from different cultures.  Different ages.  I have to say one of my greatest influences at the moment are teens.  Probably because I am around teens so much.  Because I’m a teach I get to know how teens talk and think so that helps. Actually it’s pretty amazing.  I get a chance to see a little bit of their secret world.  It’s scary and amazing.

My stories always start with a character and then I think about who they are and they sort of answer my question and take me on an amazing journey.


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