Teen Blogs- Building Followers

Cover of the Chinese edition of Svein Nyhus' p...

Cover of the Chinese edition of Svein Nyhus’ picture book Verden har ingen hjørner (“The World Has No Corners”), 1999 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s more to getting a book deal if you’re a teen or even an adult writer than just writing the book.  Writing the book is only half of the work.  The other involves connecting with your audience.  In other words when you write a book think about who you are writing the book for.  Who’s going to read your book? If you write for little kids and you want to write a picture book why not check out some picture books and start a blog for kids?

Blogs are a great way to connect with people especially if you make your blog specific.  You could add lots of things on your blog that parents would love for their children.  Since I write YA I tend to read lots of YA books and I focus on helping teen writers.  My writing workshops are another way I connect to young teen writers.  Whatever it is that you’re writing find a way to get to know your audience.  It’s fun and it will help you when you’re ready to get your book out there.

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and blog sites are a great place to start.


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