What’s on Your Summer Reading List

Cover of "Hunger: A Gone Novel"

Cover of Hunger: A Gone Novel

I often read the best of list to find new books or sometimes I browse the shelves of my local library.  My sister-in-law loves YA so sometimes she recommends something for me to read.  This summer I want to read the Gone series by Michael Grant.  I read the first book then reserved the second and third book but the second was reserved leaving me with the third book. I hate waiting in line for books.  I do purchase books too but right now I’m depending on my library to provide me my literary pleasures.

I had to return the third book in  because it became overdue as I waited for the second book to be read.  I can read a 450 page book in less than a week so I was hoping that Hunger came in early.  No such luck though.  I also want to read Divergent and the second book Insurgent by Veronica Roth.  Aside from that I think I will pick up a Walter Mosley novel too.

Find a book or two or three, heck find a series to read this summer.  Beach reading, lazy day reading; it’s all good.  What are you reading this summer?  Find something, relax and let the summer reading begin!


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