Teen Writing Prompt 221

Usain Bolt winning the 100 m final 2008 Olympics

Usain Bolt winning the 100 m final 2008 Olympics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favorite event in the summer Olympics is the Track and Field event.  Heck, I’d have to say it’s my favorite overall event.  So with the Olympics coming to England this year I want to dedicate this writing prompt to the Olympics.  Choose a sport and write a story about it.  The Olympics is filled with interesting stories.

Remember Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan?  They were rival skaters and Tonya Harding had her ex-husband attack Nancy Kerrigan and hit her in the knee with a club in hopes of stopping her from winning the gold when they were competing against each other in the US championships.

There was even a terrorist attack on in the 1972 Olympics where eleven Israeli athletes were killed.  Steven Spielberg directed the film adaptation of the story.  So you see there are many stories that take place during the Olympics.  My first paid writing gig was an animated feature about the first Olympics.  So give it a try.  Do you want to write a story about rivals?  Want to write about athletes overcoming the odds? Or how about a story of two athletes falling in love?  It’s your story you decide!


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