Teen Book Review

Cover of "Hunger: A Gone Novel"

Cover of Hunger: A Gone Novel

Hunger by Michael Grant is book two in the six book in the Gone series“Hunger” continues the story of Sam Temple, a fifteen year old boy living in Perdido Beach, California.  In the first book everyone over the age of fifteen disappeared and a force field has somehow appeared around the entire town trapping everyone inside.  Some of the kids living there have formed special powers while many of the animals have mutated and now harmless animals have become a threat. Gangs have formed and battles have been fought leaving many people dead.

Now kids are starting to starve to death because when the mysterious event happened it never occurred to anyone to store food.  Caine, the leader of the Coates gang has started to grow crazy after contacting the mysterious creature in the mine shaft who also controls Lana, the Healer.

To make things worst “Human” kids and fighting against the mutant kids who have developed special powers.  A new gang has formed making it mutant kids against “normals”.  Zil, leader of the normal crew wants the mutant kids dead.  All hell breaks loose when Caine takes over the power plant sending Perdido Beach in darkness, more people die.  The secret to why this all happened  is finally uncovered and now Sam and his friends fight an even  greater enemy, an alien being who is trying to get free and destroy them all.


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