Teen Writing Prompt 238


Yet again another teen writing prompt with a list of words you can use to create a story.  I like these types of prompts because sometimes you find yourself coming up with a bizarre story that’s actually pretty cool.

an empty old house

a creaking floor

a hungry cat

dishes piled in the sink

a nerd

a biker chick

Biker Chick

Biker Chick (Photo credit: Michael Kalus)


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  1. I find those kinds of prompts really helpful, too. Are you familiar with The Southeast Review? It’s a literary journal published by Florida State Universitiy’s creative writing department. They periodically offer a 30 day online writer’s regimen (I think the next one is in October); one for adult writers and one for younger writers. Total cost is $15. I just checked their website and note that they hava a re-run of a series from earlier this year starting Sept. 3 and then a new one starting Oct. 1. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Website is http://southeastreview.org/regimen.html. Also, at the end of the thirty day regimen, participants are encouraged to submit up to three pieces generated from the exercises. One or more “winners” will be published in SER’s online venue.

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