Teen Writing Tips


One of my teen students was killed ast year after he left school early to go home for lunch and over Memorial Day weekend another student was stabbed several times in the stomach; he was lucky he survived.  So much goes on and at times it’s also difficult to deal with.  The world of teen gangs and death really exists and for some people it’s right on their doorstep.


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacrel

I remember when I was working as a sub in LA. I asked the class to write about their weekend and this is what they wrote.  Someone died.  There was a shooting.  I slept under my bed.  Slept in the closet.  I never knew that kids really have to deal with these kind of things.  I thought it was all in the movies.

What are you dealing with today?  Keeping a journal helps.  I started writing in journals when I was in the fifth grade.  I wrote about boys and crushes.  What are you writing about?  Sometimes writing about this helps you deal with what’s going on.  It can also help you become a better writing too.


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