Teen Writing Prompt 241

Trains and tracks HDR

Trains and tracks HDR (Photo credit: Isaac Aaron)

Describe the sounds you hear in the room you are in right now.

The drone of the fan is constant. A plane flies overhead.  I heard the roar of its engines.  A bird chirp.  The floor creaks.  Another bird whistles.  The leaves make a shhhhing sound as the wind blows.  Errrrr, hmmm of a car’s engine so much subtler than a plane’s. Now the train’s blows its horn as it approached Mountain Station.  It’s not a violent honk like the trains in New York.  It almost sounds like music.  All these sounds tell me that I am home.  It’s what my neighborhood sounds like after a heavy rain in the late morning.

Ask me again on a sunny day and it’ll sound different but this is what it sounds like right now.  Today.


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