Teen Book Review


English: Cliff House from Ocean Beach

Spoiler alert

Plague by Michael Grant is the fourth book in the Gone series.  Now a plague is spreading and this disease actually makes for cough their insides out and lots if kids end up dying. Caine  and Diana have now food a steady supply of food after taking over an island off the coast of California. The island use to belong a couple of famous actors.  Once the actors disappeared their adopted children were left behind but when Caine landed on the island and found the kids there ;the are forced to flee the island and head to Perdido Beach.

Flying snakes and giant cockroaches are now a threat too.  Problems keep piling up as water starts running out and Drake, the monster child is back and now he’s bent on killing Sam and his friends. Caine comes to help in hopes of becoming the town’s king.  Caine teams up with Sam to fight Drake and an army of enormous cockroaches that start killing everyone in town. More horrors.  Crazy happenings.  All good stuff.


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