Teen Book Review

Cover of "Hush, Hush"

Cover of Hush, Hush

I just read Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick.  It’s the third book in the Hush, Hush series.  I have to say it’s pretty hard waiting so long for a book to come out sometimes I forget the details of the story and confuse it with other similar stories. Good thing this book was really good. To recap what this series is all about, the series is about a teenaged girl named Nora Grey.  Nora lives in Maine and met a dangerous, hot new guy in school named Patch.  It turns out that Patch isn’t even human, in fact he’s a Fallen Angel who wanted to kill her so he can become human but instead Patch fell in love with Nora.  He also ended up introducing her to the dangerous world of Fallen Angels and Nephilim, an immortal race of people who created by Fallen Angels so that two weeks during the Jewish holiday of Cheshvan.  During Cheshvan Fallen Angels can posses their bodies and experience life as a human.

After surviving attempts on her life this book opens with Nora waking up in a cemetery after being kidnapped.  Nora has lost her memory and slowly unlocks her past as she meets Jev, a mysterious guy she keeps running into.  Nora’s life is turned inside out as she not only tries to remember the last five months of her life but she discovers that her mother is dating Hank Miller, the father of Marcie Miller, her worst enemy.  As the story unfolds we like Nora discover what happened after she met Patch.  She also finds herself in the middle of a war between Fallen Angels and Nephilim who want to stop the Fallen Angels from forcibly taking over their bodies during Cheshvan.

Romance, a brave girl who isn’t afraid to fight, evil immortals and lots of adventure all makes Silence a great read.


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