Teen Writing Prompt 293

Paris Workout

Paris Workout (Photo credit: Nimages DR)

Right now I wish I was somewhere sitting by the beach and looking out into the beautiful blue sea.  Where would you be if you could be anywhere in the world right now?  Hiking the Himalayas?  Surfing a wave in Hawaii?  Or going to a museum in Paris? Choose anywhere in the world and write a poem about it.


The French Countryside

Golden sunflowers stretching out their arms waving as we drive by Town centuries old with their cobbled stone walkways and churches standing firm in the center of aged townsFields of flowers extending endlesslyCroissants , baguettes, wine, pastriesA food lovers feast Shuttered chateaus of stone and passersby enjoying the ease of lifeas a lumbering stroll outnumbers the quickened pace of city dwellers.And time if often forgotten in favor of a relaxed moment to be cherished instead of squandered.


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