Teen Writing Prompt 311

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela (Photo credit: Festival Karsh Ottawa)

Write a poem about your favorite historical figure.


Nelson Mandela


He sat in a prison for 27 years, not knowing that one day he would be president of his country one day.

They held him prisoner and it didn’t matter that he was a descendent of a king.

He fought for his people’s freedom from apartheid‘s cruel sting.

Apartheid was a law created that said that people weren’t equal due to the color of their skin.


They held him on Robben Island in a tiny little cell.

They tried to break him and make him turn his back on his people, while they were fighting for their God-given freedom.

But Nelson held strong to his beliefs and his quest for his people’s freedom.

In 1990 they finally released him from jail.


He continued to fight for his people’s political rights.

He did all this because he refused to give up the fight.

Four years later after his people had the right to vote.

He became president finally and gave them some hope.





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