Teen Writing Tip

Man thinking on a train journey.

Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Where to Get Ideas


Sometimes I have something on my mind that I can’t let go.  Journaling helps me deal with it because instead of thinking about it over and over again it just ends up on the page and in a way that helps that repeating thought break free.  Tim O’Brien, in his book The Things They Carried uses this idea of repetition of thoughts in his novel as Vietnam Vets constantly repeats horrible thoughts about things they experienced during the war.


I think that idea of not letting go a thought or wishing you could do something over again are things we often think about.  Why not allow yourself to use those nagging thoughts and worries in your writing as a way to free yourself from them?  I think if you do you may find yourself writing something that honest and touches people in a way you’d never imagine.



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