Teen Book Review


I just finished Fear,  fifth book in the Gone series by Michael Grant.  I just got the 509 page book Monday and it only took me a few days to finish it and I loved every minute of it.  It continues the story of Sam Temple and the kids from Perdido Beach trapped within a dome that circles their town.  Animals as well as teens have mutated but finally everything is going well.  Astrid returns from hiding and she and Sam have finally become a couple.  Diana, one of the evil mutants decides to join them and now even Diana is starts to fit in.

The only problem this is Perdido Beach an d nothing good last long.

Michael Grant's Gone

Diana is pregnant with Caine’s baby and the baby start to develop faster than a “normal” baby would and to make things worse  a dark stain is encasing the dome threatening to send everyone into eternal darkness.  The Gaiaphage has awaken evil Drake and now Drake sets out on claiming Diana’s baby for the alien monster.  There’s lots of action, romance and cool teen girls who kick butt.  What more can you ask for?  The sixth book comes out soon and I can’t wait!

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