Thinking About Your Audience



Thinking About You

Thinking About You (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I don’t think a teen writer should even write a story trying to figure out what going to get you that six-figure book deal.  The truth is you just never know what project is really going to take off.  As I write I tend to focus on my audience.  My writing is primary geared to teen girls so I know I should include romance and strong female characters that are teens.  I think today teen girls want to see strong woman who mirror themselves and deal with the kind of things they do even if the story takes place  a thousand years into the future, after all people are people right?  They fall in and out of love and get their hearts broken. Sometimes they are brave and sometimes they’re scared  as hell.


So my advice to you is think about what you and your friends are interested in, then write a story about that and have some fun.



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