Teen Book Review



Cover of "Unwind"

Cover of Unwind


I just finished reading Unwind by Neal Shusterman.  Again another book I couldn’t  up down.  Unwind is the story of Connor, a teenaged boy whose a bit of a troublemaker.  He always gets into fights and his has a real crappy attitude.  In this version of our future world parents don’t have to worry about dealing with kids like Connor because they can simply sign the papers to get kids like him unwound.


The Stephen Kingesque YA novel takes you on a crazy ride as Connor meets up with fellow Unwinds, Risa and Lev.  The unwinding process is pretty gruesome but it clear things up Unwinds are taken apart piece by piece as different parts of them are “donated” to needy patients all over the country.  Unwinding isn’t thought of as killing because “parts” of the Unwinds live on in other people.   Crazy story.  Great ride.  I’m hoping that there is a sequel.



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