Teen Writing Prompt 322

Amanda Debus, Miss Delaware Teen USA 2011

Amanda Debus, Miss Delaware Teen USA 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You discover that you switched places with the nerdiest person in school.  What do you do?  You you make over this person and try to help them?

I remember in high school seeing a few overweight girls shed that baby weight and then become glamour girls.  Hey some of them even became popular.  When I moved to LA I remember this woman in my office.  She was always dressed in vintage or designer clothes.  She was the type of woman you’d think was the prom queen but she wasn’t.  She lost weight and changed her life.  Now I am not saying that you should change yourself if you have a few extra pounds to lose.  I think everyone should love themselves the way they are.  I accept that I have a few pounds to lose, okay more than a few and I am working on it because I want to be healthy.

I spent too many years ragging on myself for not having that perfect body.  As I write this I think about a few kids who were made fun of when I was in school.  What if you were in the shoes of that person and could do something about it with the time you have?  Would you?  Write a story about what happens when you get to give someone else a “do over”.


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