Teen Book Review

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I just finished reading The Maze Runner by James Dasher.  Again this is another dysphoria novel and I don’t say that in a bad way.  I love these books. The novel is about a young teen boy named  Thomas.  Thomas wakes up and finds himself inside a dark box.  Once the box opens he’s rescued by a group of boys who have also been mysteriously transported to the Glade. Thomas and the boys can’t remember much  about their past lives once they arrive to the Glade.  The only thing they do remember are their names.

The Glade surrounded by a massive stone wall.  Outside the wall is a huge maze that  goes on for miles. The maze becomes a prison for Thomas and the others living in the Glade.  To make things worse there are deadly creature called Grievers living in the maze.  Grievers are half-machine half-slug hybrid creatures that prey upon the boys living in the Glade.

The day after Thomas arrives strange things occur, like the unexpected arrival of a girl who brings and ominous message with her.The only way out of the maze is to find its secret.

There’s lots of action and excitement. The second book came out recently and I will definitely line up to read it.


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