Teen Writing Tip


The perfect teen boyfriend.  As you can see by my reading list I read a lot of YA.  In every YA book there is our heroine, her best friend and then there is the BOY FRIEND. Now often this is a boy who becomes a friend.  Or he could be a boy who our protagonist has been pining over for a long time.  In any case there really must be a guy who will capture our protagonist’s heart.

My Boyfriend Is Type B

My Boyfriend Is Type B (Photo credit: Wikipedia)that sooner or later ends up as the boyfriend.

So what are the characteristics of these boyfriends.  Like Edward Cullen from Twilight; Gale and Peeta from Hunger Games. Boyfriends must be brave.  Wimps need not apply and they are handsome.  Unconventional good looks are fine.  The guy doesn’t have to be the smartest one in the room but he should be resourceful and good in a pinch like when people are trying to kill you.  It happens in most of the books I’ve read whether it’s a supernatural being or just your average bad guy.  The boyfriend needs to lend a helping hand.

So the net time you are creating a boyfriend remember to look over your boyfriend checklist: cute, brave, resourceful, crush-worthy?  Once you’ve got your list together then it’s all good.


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