Teen Writing Prompt 325


Write a scary poem as an ode to Halloween.

Darkness sets on the horizon

As ghouls, vampires and werewolves arise for the night

Mortals beware for the immortals are here to beckon you to join them.

Screams of terror
Shrieks filled with fear

No where to run and the terror grows

Mayhem, danger, fills the night.

As the creatures of the night welcome you there.

Okay that one was pretty cheesy but you get the point.  Give it a shot.


Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scare my socks off!


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  1. Okay here’s my poem. It doesn’t have a title:

    Creeping down the dimly lit streets
    It chases you, knife in hand.
    Bloody from its previous victims
    Killed from the most fatal event.
    You feel the glare of the firey red eyes,
    Slits stabbed in its head.
    You hear the low growl that escape
    Between long blade-sharp teeth.

    Your soul knows it’s stalking you;
    Your being begs you to run.
    But your mind ignores the thoughts:
    It thinks you’re scaring yourself
    On this unbelieveably dark night.

    It’s black as coal,
    It’s blind as bat eyes;
    The only thing to light your path
    Is slowly rotting deformed faces.

    You stop just once
    To grab your wants,
    But this is a mistake.
    You want to scream,
    Please, take this instead!
    But it takes your most prized possesion.

    It starts at your feet,
    All death must lead pain.
    It cuts of your toes
    With the tip of the blade.
    The blood warms your feet
    Floods what’s left of your shoes.
    Then it drags the knife up.

    The edges of your ankles are outlined in red,
    Soon your legs have long scratches
    That stain the sidewalk.
    Your belly–

    Like carving a jack-o-lantern,
    It starts with the eyes,
    Evil red triangles
    That cry blood.
    The nose of the same shape
    The mouth is an undeserving smile.
    Sharp teeth, menacing grin…
    It carved its face into your skin.

    It etches slashes in your neck.
    It’s hard to breathe.
    Your head starts to wobble from blood loss and pain.

    Why aren’t you dead yet?
    Why must you survive this?
    It stabs deep in your head.
    Life is unfair.
    Blood clogs your eyes,
    You scream, but voice must have been lost.
    When the creature nearly cut your head off.
    When the knife finally reaches your brain,
    You’re momentarily paralyzed in pain.
    Soon you’re relieved.
    You fall to the ground.

    Maybe if you stayed inside this Halloween,
    You’d be alive to trick or treat later in a life
    That you no longer possess.

    Hope you like!

    PS Yeah, I know it’s been a while since you posted this prompt…

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