Teen Book Review

Cute Guy - Snowboarder Baggy Boy Style

Cute Guy – Snowboarder Baggy Boy Style (Photo credit: vanessa_hutd)

I just finished reading Neal Shusterman’s Unwholly, the second book in the Unwind trilogy and in case you noticed I usually don’t write negative book reviews on my blog.   That’s because if I am reading a book and can’t get into in by the first few chapters I don’t bother finishing it. Now there are good books and then there are those and then there are great books, the ones you can’t book down and wish you could just stay up reading.  These kinds of books are the ones that when it’s time to go to work you wish you could just call in sick in order to spend a little more time with the book that you are devouring.  Unwholly is that kind of book.  Shusterman has a gift of throwing that  “ball in the air” and he just keeps it up there.

This book takes off where UnWind left off.  Connor and Risa have survived the explosion set off by a group of suicide bombers called Clappers, leaving both different people but in a world where adults have the right to “unwind” troubled teens how could anyone stay the same?  Lev’s captured but now he’s living with his brother Marcus and Pastor Dan.  The AWOL rescue mission gets underway and Connor now finds himself the leader of 700 escapees.

Shusterman adds a new character named Cam who is a mystery to everyone, even himself.  Lots of action and suspense in this book as we follow each character’s fight for survival and justice.  Just when you think things can’t get worse there are people working for black market parts dealers who’ll  grab any kid off the streets and sell them for their parts.

Crazy story but really exciting.



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