Teen Writing Prompt 401


Have Marcie leave.  What does she have to do to leave without being seen.

When I teach my screenwriting class I use this exercise all the time.  It’s a great way to focus on advancing the plot.  In my class I ask students to take their character across town and create obstacles that make it almost impossible to get there. I always use the film”Cellular” as an example.

In “Cellular” a girl asks her loser boyfriend

Kate Joe Marice

Kate Joe Marice (Photo credit: bjornmeansbear)

to take a box of T-shirts across town in order to prove that his girlfriend can count on him.  Of course he never gets there.  He gets a random called from a woman who tells him that she’s been kidnapped.  He ends up robbing a store, stealing a car, actually two cars and fighting the bad guys.

Each time he thinks he’s solved the problem things just got worse.  Now get Marcie out of that crazy town but don’t make it as easy as simply walking out the front door.


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