Teen Scholarship Contest


The Courageous Persuaders contest is  video contest but I thought it was worth mentioning because the prize is $2000 and the winning commercial will be broadcasted on television.  If you are a student who lives in Michigan the top prize is $3000.  For this contest students have to create a 30 second commercial aimed at middle school students.

The commercial’s topis must be geared to stop middle school students from drinking.  The deadline is February 13th.


High school students nationally can enter in grades 9-12; emphasis is placed on concept and
the message, not on production values. Students are encouraged to use whatever video
equipment is available to them. Teachers and principals, school audio/visual departments,
parents and community leaders are urged to share their equipment and lend local
support by promoting the program as a very unique scholarship competition that is fun to
participate in and has a powerful impact on a serious problem.


Please continue to visit CourageousPersuaders.com for more information. Good luck!


caption to be used as an icon for film cameras

caption to be used as an icon for film cameras (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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