Teen Book Review

Cover of "City of Glass (Mortal Instrumen...

Cover of City of Glass (Mortal Instruments)

I just finishing reading City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.  Now this book is supposed to be the last in the trilogy but I noticed that there are more books in the series.  I’m not angry about it either.  I love this series and Clare is a gifted writer.  She finds a way to throw those balls up in the air as she follow different characters on their separate journey and in the end fins a way to pull it all together.

In this book Clary is now in Idris and Valentine is summoning demons for the big battle.  Jace tells Clary how he really feels and lots of crazy things happen along the way as Clary find in place in this new world.  I don’t want to give away anything but let’s just say that I already have the next book and I plan and reading it today.

The movie trailer is out and the film comes out in August.  Casting looks pretty much on the mark except for Valentine who is played by Johnathon Ryers Meyers, Valentine was supposed to be a large man but Meyers is such a great actor I’ve decided to give him a chance.


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