Teen Writing Prompt 505

Solar panels to heat hot water at the Tea-Hors...

Solar panels to heat hot water at the Tea-Horse Trade Guest House along the Tiger Leaping Gorge trail in Yunnan, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They said that it would start within a year but as usual they were wrong, it started this morning.  I’m glad that I spend yesterday at the beach with my friends because that is something that I’ll never get to do again.  You see starting from today and then for forever we are going to have a never-ending winter. The scientists built greenhouse so we could still have fruits and vegetables but only the rich will be able to afford to pay $10,000 for an apple.  I rest of us will have to hunt and work hard to find food, at least the solar panels on our house will keep us warm….

I started the story now it’s up to you to finish it.  What would you do it everyone around the world there was an endless winter?


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