Kickstarter – Giving Your Writing Projects a Kick Start to Becmoing a Reality

Kickstarter Banner

Kickstarter Banner (Photo credit: kittybabylove)

A schoolmate of mine just finished raising money for his graphic novel on a called Kickstarter.  Actually another schoolmate of mine raised money to finish two films utilizing the Kickstarter website. What is Kickstarter you might ask? Kickstarter is a site where you raise money to complete your creative projects.  The site lays out how you do it but this is it in a nutshell.

You make a video and come up with a plan.  First you need to figure out how much money you will need for your project, you make a video telling folks what you are up to and then make a list of items that your donaters can receive based on how much money they give for your project.

I donated $25 so I’ll get a copy of the graphic novel and an electronic version too.  Not bad huh?  Some folks have raised several hundred thousands for their projects.  Check out the site and take control of your projects and see them get made.


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