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Masters of Science Fiction

Masters of Science Fiction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So many stories are swirling around in my head I keep wondering if I should work on a second novel as I continue writing my first.  I know that I want this work to be part of a series.  It’s realistic fiction but I have an idea for a supernatural.  I guess outlining the supernatural and FINISHING my first book is the best way to go in order to make sure that something gets finished.


How many of you work on more than one project at a time?



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  1. I kinda’ do. You know how some schools have AB days? Well, I have AB days for two books. Every other day, I work on one story, and vice versa for the second story waiting. Sometimes, however, I strictly stick to one book. The two different plots tend to want to mingle up if I don’t, and I won’t have that!

    • My school actually has A and B days. I plan to work mainly of my first book, Bait and then maybe twice a week work on the second book for an hour. The second book is a writer’s guide but when I start working on my narrative book after Bait is completed, I plan to divide the week three days for each book and Sundays off. Since one book is realistic fiction and the other is supernatural I think it will work out fine. What kind of books do you write?

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