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A Writing Kind of Day

A Writing Kind of Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just looked over the Writer’s Digest 15 Tips for Writers  and I thought I’d add my own top ten list.

1. Don’t ever try to figure out what agents or publishers want.  This is one thing you will never figure out.  Just follow your instincts and go with that story that’s been bugging you to write it.

2. Write all sorts of stories.  Don’t think just because you’ve been writer one genre that, that means it’s all you can write.  Writers just write and that may mean one day they are writing a thriller and the next thing you know a horror books emerges from their creative minds.3. Write every day even if it’s just journaling.

4. Get feedback from your friends but you submit your writing.

5. Edit, edit, edit. Don’t be afraid to rewrite your work. Nothing is perfect the first time around.  All writing needs a little tweeking from time to time.

6. Don’t let anyone tell you that your story idea is no good.  I’ve known quite a few writers who let a teacher or friend discourage them from writing a story only to have their stories be written by someone else and became a big hit.

7. Sometimes it’s okay to take a break from a story because when you come back to it you’ll find you have a new take on the story.

8. Take a chance and enter your work in competitions.  Don’t let your wonderful work remain hidden away.

9. Learn from what works from other writers.  Read lots of different types of stories.

10. Don’t give up.

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