Teen Book Review


I just finished reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  This book is part of a trilogy set in the United States during a time when love has become an outlawed disease named deliria nervosa. Instead of feeling the pangs of love the government removes the horrible disease when everyone turns 18 years old.  You see in this world no one falls in love instead people are paired with a partner for life but no love isn’t  involved.


This is the world that 17-year-old Lena lives in and she’s very happy about her upcoming procedure. After all it was love that forced her mother to commit suicide after her father died.  Lena is more than happy to never fall in love.  That is until she meets a mysterious boy named Alex who ends up turning her world inside out.


Secrets are revealed  and changed Lena’s life forever. This was a great read and I was surprised with how quickly the story moved.  The finished the novel in five days. I wish I had its sequel Pandemonium to quench my thirst.


English: Cirque du Soleil's DELIRIUM stage bef...

English: Cirque du Soleil’s DELIRIUM stage before the show starts in Antwerpen (Belgium) Français : Scène du spectacle du Cirque du Soleil “DELIRIUM” peu avant le début de la représentation à Anvers (Belgique) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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