Teen Writing Prompt 535

Little Secrets (song)

Little Secrets (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Secrets. That’s the first word I saw when I decided to work on a writing prompt.  Well, it was actually Sucrets.  But what it was secrets?  Secrets about what?  Sometimes secrets are held by someone, and sometimes the secrets are held by someone else.  What kind of secret could do you have?

Twist that secret into something really crazy.  A long time ago  a friend of mine  went to pick up a friend who was in a cult.  Actually she was a her sister’s friend.  In the morning the people who she was staying with showed up to her house. In the end the girl left with them.  She’s okay now I guess.  Truth is crazier than fiction sometimes.

Write about one of your secrets and twist it into something new.

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