Teen Writing Tip

The Mortal Instruments Sign/Sain

The Mortal Instruments Sign/Sain (Photo credit: Evelis Santos)

A lot of books have sequels and today it seems like it’s the rule.  Cassandra Claire‘s Mortal Instrument series was supposed to be a trilogy and now about six books were written. I think the key in writing series is to start with a compelling protagonist then add some interesting subplots.  Subplot should support the main story line and add complexity to the story.

I knew as I was writing my novel that I would want it to be a series and since it’s sort of detective genre then I think it will work.  Just remember to have a solid beginning, middle, and end.  Wrap things up.  I hate when a book ends and it feels like a sequel.  Sure, some thing have to be resolved but in the same vein I think it’s important to wrap a few things up.

Life is full of conflicts and often it feels like once you’ve dealt with one problem another arises soon after.  So having more problems arise is a natural part of life.


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