Teen Book Review – Light by Michael Grant

Michael Grant's Gone

Michael Grant’s Gone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I just finished reading Light by Michael GrantLight is the 6th and final novel in the Gone series.  The Gone series begins with the first book, Gone where everyone over the age of fourteen has disappeared leaving infants and young teenagers the burden to take care of themselves and each other. Several teens and young children develop powers and all hell breaks loose as teen ended up killing each other and  an alien being called the Gaiaphage bent on killing everyone who is struggles to survive against mutant animals and psycho teenagers.


This book begins after Diana has given birth to a baby girl who is now possessed by the gaiaphage.  The child grows rapidly and as she grows she becomes stronger and her thirst for killing increases as well.  Things are different now because everyone on the outside world can see into the Fayz leaving the survivors to ponder about their fate once the walls come down and they are free.


Lots of death and the climax to this series is thrilling and surprising as some of our beloved characters are killed off. You won’t be disappointed or bored.  The great thing about this series is that it never drags. Grant keeps the suspense and interest in the character and their fate going on and on.

I think Grant did an excellent job in ho he concluded this amazing series.

Check it out.




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