Teen Writing Tip

Screenwriting Pro Default Interface

Screenwriting Pro Default Interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have a million things on my mind for this summer.  I want to finish my novel FINALLY. I have already forgiven myself for not finishing it earlier. Why beat myself up? It was a crazy and busy school year.  The key now is to make goals that are realistic and follow them.  I have two months off with the exception of working with the Writer’s Circle in Summit.  I am going to teach an intensive Screenwriting class.

I plan to read the notes for my latest draft of Bait, my novel.  After I do the rewrite and it’s out being proofed I will continue with the second book.  I outlined the book and plan to do a little of both.  I have a new supernatural book that will have to wait.  I am thinking about embarking on a non-fiction project, and that will be my last project.

Doing a million things at the same time will only end up with nothing done at all.  Set a goal for one of those projects that you have put off because you were too busy this past school year.  Don’t do more than two things at a time and have some fun.


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