Teen Writing Prompt 553

The Walking Dead TV series  Season 3 wrap up c...

The Walking Dead TV series Season 3 wrap up cast photo (Photo credit: That Hartford Guy)

Cover of "World War Z: An Oral History of...

Cover via Amazon

What would you do if you was sucked into your favorite book or movie?  I just finished watching most of The Walking Dead marathon.  I was never really into zombie movies but for some strange reason I find them interesting.  I loved 28 Days Later and I just saw World War Z tonight.  I think what makes these stories compelling is that they have interesting characters that have layers and layers of depth to who they are.  They love, hate, and have complied relationships even within a world of death and zombies.

No surprise either that The Walking Dead was originally a graphic novel and World Wat Z is based on a book.  Even the film Warm Bodies was based on a book.

As I watched these movies I often wonder how I would fare if I had to live in that kind of world.  Would I be one of the first ones to die or would I fight to survive? It’s your choice.  Choose a book or film and invite yourself to suffer along with your favorite characters and let me know how it goes.

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