Teen Writing Prompt 560


Firemen (Photo credit: ErikBugel)

Write an epic poem.  An epic poem is a narrative poem about a hero or an adventure. I decided to take a stab and writing a short poem and I am dedicating to fireman.  I remember this story during 9/11.  This poem is based on a true story.


The Fireman

The smoke-filled room did not stop him

For he knew that there were lives to be saved.

There was no time for fear, courage for courage flowed through his veins.

With the task on his bank and mask on his face he walked into the fire.

He found her on the stairwell.  She was too afraid to move.  The smoke crawled at his body but he refused to move.

He felt the building shaking.  He knew that in time it would give way.  He thought of his family

but yet he decided to stay.

He was found by his brothers.  They joined in a circled the frightened lady.

Their bodies formed a shield as the building started to finally give way.

One by one they felt the world collapse around them yet somehow they remained brave.

By God‘s miracle they saved that woman and they too were also saved.

The brave fireman saved her life that day so that she could live another day.


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