Teen Writing Tip

Cover of "Devil in a Blue Dress"

Cover of Devil in a Blue Dress

I just finished readingWalter Mosley‘s latest novel All I Did was Shoot my Man. It’ not  YA novel but I think that it’s good to switch things up from time to time.  Walter Mosley writes detective novels.  I would mention the Denzel Washington film Devil in a Blue Dress but even that film is before your time.

The book I am writing is a cross between Walter Mosley’s novels and James Patterson‘s Alex Cross series, at least that’s what I am pitching.  It’s always good to find a way to pitch your book. Comparing it to a successful writer helps the powers that be, be able to image what your novel is like.  Also it helps them find a way to market it.

What’s your book like?  How would you describe.  Check out some book jackets and look at how other writers describe their novels and then use their models to help you write one for the novel or story that you’re working on.


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