Teen Writing Prompt 573

Deutsch: Everglades/Florida in den Everglades/...

Deutsch: Everglades/Florida in den Everglades/Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently visited Florida and was so surprised about the amount of water everywhere.  Small steams and ponds everywhere.  The terrain of Florida is very different that my previous home LA which was mostly desert.  New Jersey is very green and when I live it’s very hilly.

Now in Florida it’s real interesting because you can actually see “don’t feed the alligator” signs and crocodile crossing signs when you drive down to the Everglades. Florida – giant alligator story comes to mind.  Giant pythons attacking too because I remember reading an article about how people have let go their pet pythons after they grew too big and now the Everglades is overrun with these snakes.  There was a time when people would get a baby alligator with a tank of gas. Of course those were let go when they become too big too.  Now they lurk in the canals.  And yes pets and people disappear.

Write a story about where you live.  Include the terrain and maybe a few noted animals to go along with your story and see what evolves.


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