Teen Writing Prompt 574

A blue-themed birthday cake

A blue-themed birthday cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday was my birthday and I didn’t do too much.  I went to see a movie with my sister, shared birthday cake with my parents and twin sister, and then we went out to dinner.  I take that back I guess I actually did a lot. It’s just that sometimes we have hugh expectations about how things should be sometimes. This year has been rough.  A friend of my died suddenly, Jamila was only 35 years old and a few other things arose.

Each year when my birthday comes around I realize that being alive is something we should be grateful for because so many people die young.  One of my students died this year; he was 17 years old. Instead of wanting a list of things I wish for a healthy stress free life and I do wish that my writing will become something meaningful that I can share with everyone

Write a poem about what your birthday brings.  It’s okay if you have a list of things you want.  That’s what my list was when I was your age. I just evolve as you all do with each experience or event we go through.

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