Great Teen Writing Group

Special Collections Pop-up Books

Special Collections Pop-up Books (Photo credit: Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library)

The Writer’ s Circle based in Summit is offering a range of classes for students of all ages at their South Orange and Summit locations this fall. Some of the classes offers are memoir writing, Children’s book writing, writing Pop-up books, an adults writing circle, a young storymakers group, short story and even fiction and non-fiction writing.

I will be teaching a screenwriting class for teen screenwriters.  I taught for the Writer’s Circle this summer and it was AWESOME.  The great thing about writing within a workshop like this is that you’ll get tons of feedback from your peers and feedback helps to make your stories better. Besides it’s a great way to connect with people who share your same passion and the big selling point is that all the teachers are working or ward winning writers in their field.

And by the way you high school seniors out there.  The Writer’s Circle also offers an essay writing class.  So why not get ready for all the college apps and fellowship applications?

Go to the website below for more information.


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