Teen Writing Tip

English: Atlantic City, New Jersey by night

English: Atlantic City, New Jersey by night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Teachers Convention is coming up and that means that many of you will have your first big break.  I have two days off and I will be going to the convention but since it’s in Atlantic City I will have a two-hour bus ride, four hours round a trip to read and write.  Of course I will be bringing a book with me and my idea book. I try to carry my idea book with me all the time.

You never know when a great idea will it you. I buy my idea books from Marshalls or store like Ross.  They have a great selection of journals for under five dollars.  Take this first break from school to focus on your writing and but if you need to relax, relax too.  I find the best way for me to relax is by writing but I am writing something I love for myself.

Before you know it Thanksgiving will be here as well a Christmas so the breaks will be getting longer.  Why not start planning you writing schedule now? And of course relax too.

Altantic City - USA

Altantic City – USA (Photo credit: ground.zero)


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