Teen Book Review


Oxford (Photo credit: Verity Cridland)


The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon was a very interesting novel.  It’s slightly over four hundred pages and it never slows down.  The story kept moving as the suspense builds and there were even nights I cursed sleep because I tried to fight and stay awake in order to keep reading this book.


The novel is about a girl names Paige who lives in Scion London.  It’s the year 2059 and England is filled with unnaturals – people with spiritual powers.  Soothsayers, oracles, mediums, and dreamwalkers exist in this world.  The protagonist, Paige is a tough girl who learns to survive and fight for herself and her friends.  Paige has powers so unique that people are willing to kill for them.Unnaturals are forced to hide and find ways to survive because the government fears them so much that they are willing to wipe them out or imprison them.  All of this forces unnaturals to create their own underground society.

The rules in this version of London are different from the one we all know and this is what I love about writing. Shannon created in own version of London and its history. If you love books with strong female characters this book is for you.  There are lots of surprises so I won’t tell you more. Just remember to check out the glossary because you can get lost with the new vocabulary created for this novel.




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