Teen Heroines


girl onegirl twoWhat does it take to write a great teen heroine nowadays?  Do all teen heroines have to be fierce warriors like Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games trilogy or be a powerful teen girl like Tris from the Divergent trilogy? If I really think about it I believe the answer would be yes especially when we look at the plight of young woman around the world. Young girls are kidnapped, forced to marry older men and so many are victimized in so many ways. Why not create a strong young woman for young girls to look up to?  It doesn’t matter if the story is fiction.  Seeing teen girls who are strong is still encouraging regardless.

These girls are strong but they are still normal. They have insecurities and they fall in love just like everyone else. In the world of fiction I think it’s important to create good role models.  Who’s your favorite teen heroine?

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